The Kentucky Camp Chronicle            
The Kentucky Camp Chronicle documents the history of Kentucky Camp and surrounding areas of the Santa Rita Mountains, as well as the achievements of the Friends in preserving this chapter in Arizona's history.

February, 2013 
     Hydraulic Monitor Unveiling
     Giant Silk Moths of Kentucky Camp
     2012 Volunteerism at Kentucky Camp
     Autumn at Kentucky Camp
     March is Archaeology Month

October, 2012 
     Upcoming Hydraulic Monitor Unveling Event
     Adventure Cyclist Magazine Article

July, 2012 
     Hydraulic Monitor Recovered!
     Boy Scounts Lend a Hand on the Stetson Cabin

May, 2012 
     April Work Week
     Arnold Franks
     Wildflowers of Kentucky Camp
     Visitors to Kentucky Camp

February, 2012 
     Boy Scouts Implement Drainage Project
     Site Status
     April Work Week Coming Up

February, 2011 
     New Roofs will protect adobe buildings
     Mary Farrell's retirement party
     October 2010 Open House
     Key Dates for 2011

September, 2010
     Open House and Annual Meeting
     Thomas Gardner
     Rare Case of Vandalism at Kentucky Camp
     Board of Director's Election Results
     Marie Britton Recognition
     Site Progress Report

June, 2010 
     April "Pit-Like Event"
     Brown Canyon Ranch Web Site
     Membership Renewal/Ballot

December, 2009
     Open House and Annual Meeting Results
     The Rosemont Mine
     2009 Accomplishments
     2010 Dates to Remember
     New Web Site for Friends of Kentucky Camp

September, 2009
     Upcoming Open House and Annual Meeting
     Board of Directors Update
     Site Progress Report
     Membership Reminder

June, 2009
     Bike Trip
     Site Progress Report
     Membership Renewal/Ballot

February, 2009
     Gold Processing Building Discoveries
     Site Progress Report
     Bicycling to Kentucky Camp

December, 2008
     Open House and Annual Meeting Results
     Doris Pettigrew
     2009 Dates to Remember
     Site Progress Report
     Preserve America Presidential Award

September, 2008
     Open House and Annual Meeting
     Membership Reminder
     Board of Directors Update
     Site Progress Report

June, 2008
     Photos from April PIT-Like Event
     Election Ballot
     Membership Renewal

April, 2008
     Passport In Time
     Archaeology Expo
     Jack Glenn

February, 2008
     Kentucky Camp Inventories
     Pit-Like Event Planned
     Archaeology Expo
     Site Progress Report
     2007 Volunteer Hours

December, 2007
     More Cabins with a View
     Important 2008 Dates
     The Origins of the Santa Rita Forest Reserve
     Annual Meeting and Open House Results
     Unusual Rattlesnake Spotted

September, 2007
     The Origins of the Santa Rita Forest Reserve
     Annual Meeting and Open House
     Everyone's Land
     Site Progress Report
     Saving the World - Martha Robles Update

June, 2007
     PIT-Like Event Tackles Tough Projects
     Meet the Kentucky Camp Caretakers!
     Views of Kentucky Camp from Jordan
     Site Election Ballot
     Membership Renewal

April, 2007
     Who Visits Kentucky Camp?
     Friends of Brown Canyon Ranch
     PIT-Like Event - Final Notice
     Kentucky Camp Weather

February, 2007
     Pit-Like Event Planned
     James Stetson Follow-up
     Site Progress Report
     Hummel Photo Correction
     Donation Options Improved

December, 2006
     Hummel Ranch History
     Annual Meeting and Potluck Picnic
     New Secretary and Treasurer
     Site Progress
     Haslett Salute

August, 2006
     Work Week Progess
     KC Hosts Ak-Chin Elders and Youth Camp-Out
     In Search of James B. Stetson

February, 2006
     UpComing Open House
     Gold Processing Building Interior Documentation
     Seeking FKC Secretary
     Forest Service Grant for FKC
     Meeting Results-KC Admininstration Bldg Rental
     Volunteer Boy Scout Visitor Displays
     End of Year Tax Information

September, 2005
     FKC Annual Meeting
     Brown Canyon Ranch: New NFS Heritage Society Chapter
     Administration Building Plastering Update
     Mary Farrell receives Award

March, 2005
     UpComing Open House
     Coronado NFS Preservation Opportunities
     Mysteries of the Assay Building
     Southwestern Region Archeologists Visit KC

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